Base Products

A range of unfragranced base products for you to blend at home.

Aloe Vera Gel
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Pure Aloe Vera Gel contains numerous essential minerals, proteins and vitamins which are essential for cell growth and renewal.

Bath Dispersing Oil (Fragrance Free)
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Your Price (ex VAT): £17.30

A bath oil that can act as a base or unfragranced product and gently disperses into the bath water.

Body Cream (Fragrance Free)
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Your Price (ex VAT): £17.72

This is a rich, nourishing base cream for the body.

Body Lotion (Fragrance Free)
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Your Price (ex VAT): £13.97

Our Unfragranced Body Lotion is a hydrating, water rich lotion that is easily absorbed into the skin.

Conditioner (Fragrance Free)
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Your Price (ex VAT): £17.30

Our conditioner is suitable for all hair types and leaves the hair soft and silky.

Cream Cleanser Base (Fragrance Free)
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Your Price (ex VAT): £18.96

Our paraben free Unfragranced Cleanser Base is a light cleansing lotion to lift away dirt, bacteria and make-up, leaving skin thoroughly cleansed and refreshed.

Face Cream (Fragrance Free)
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Your Price (ex VAT): £12.92

Our Unfragranced Face Cream is gentle, fragrance and paraben free and suitable for all skin types.

Facial Wash (Fragrance Free)
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Your Price (ex VAT): £18.96

This Facial Wash is a different formulation to our foam base and is created for cleansing the more delicate skin on the face.

Foam Base (Fragrance Free)
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Your Price (ex VAT): £11.25

This versatile Unfragranced Foam Base has a variety of uses to suit your every day needs!

Organic Coconut Solid (Virgin)
Your Price (ex VAT): £10.00

A white, solid oil at room temperature, that is great for moisturising hair and skin.

Organic Shea Butter (Fragrance Free)
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Your Price (ex VAT): £22.50

This Organic Nilotica Shea Butter is soft enough that it can be used alone, as a rich moisturiser for dry, chapped skin.

Rosewater Toner
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Your Price (ex VAT): £25.79

Our delicate Rosewater toner can be used daily as part of your skincare routine.

Vitamin E Cream (Fragrance Free)
Your Price (ex VAT): £24.96

Our Vitamin E Cream can work to improve the appearance of your skin, adding a radiant glow to dull skin.


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